Vindman Brothers get Evicted from White House

On February 5th, 2020, President Donald J. Trump was found not guilty on two articles of impeachment, leaving much of America in a shock.

Having been accused of abusing his power and obstruction of Congress in his alleged attempt to have Ukraine investigate the Biden family by withholding military assistance, Trump is now the third president in the history of the United States to have been impeached by the House of Representatives.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman of the National Security Council and his twin brother, Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Vindman who also worked for the National Security Council were both fired, following the hearings in which Alexander had testified against Trump.

Media coverage of this particular family ousting was vast, yet swallowed whole by news stories focusing solely on the impeachment inquiry. However, there were quite a number of outlets who did not let this act of cruelty fly by.

“There is no question in the mind of any American why this man’s job is over, why this country now has one less soldier serving it at the White House. LTC Vindman was asked to leave for telling the truth. His honor, his commitment to right, frightened the powerful,” according to Business Insider.

The online news site was able to get straight to the point and didn’t hesitate to hide behind a false statement made by the Trump administration. They made the same observation everyone had already made after hearing about Alex’s firing: he was fired for being honest. During a time when so much of this situation had already been sugarcoated through words like “allegedly” and “suspected”, this particular article shared the emotions and understanding of every Democrat or Liberal watching the news during this trying time, which felt needed.

Reported by CNN, “both brothers were ‘reassigned’ shortly after the impeachment trial concluded and were escorted out of the White House, which O’Brien called ‘standard procedure’.”

In an attempt to shed its biases, CNN seems to have strategically placed specific quotes throughout the article to get their point across without blatantly saying so.

While this is a great form of journalism that I expect to uphold someday, it feels too aloof. After having sat through a month-and-a-half worth of hearings and testimonies, and reading articles that explain the hearings, more information just seems suffocating. The need for crystal clear truth was imminent during a time when our own administration was hiding behind those same tactics.

“Yevgeny Vindman, was also escorted off White House grounds at the same time and apparently dismissed from his post at the National Security Council,” according to HuffPost.

This particular article focuses mostly on Alexander and Gordon Sondland, another victim of Trump’s binge firing session. Yet, it includes only a line or two on Yevgeny, although the article is titled “Alexander Vindman’s Brother Also Booted From White House After Trump Acquittal.”

As the quote provides very little understanding of why Yegveny was fired, it would have been helpful if the article had simply stated that Yevgeny’s firing was a direct result of Alexander’s involvement in the impeachment hearings.

During a time when America has been bombarded by articles and news every 12 seconds of the day, transparency feels relevant for the sake of comprehension and compassion.